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Formation and changes in the following subjects: Limited Liability Company Joint Stock Company Limited Partnership Unlimited Company Trade Cooperative Trust Fund Taxes Corporation tax: 19% Personal income tax: 15 % Withholding tax: 35% from payments paid to subjects in countries which have not signed the Double Taxation Treaty with Czech Republic VAT rate: 21 % VAT registration: Obligatory – at reaching 1 million Czech crowns turnover in 12 months Voluntary – possible when fulfilling legal requirements (e.g. bank account, business plan, proof of business activities...) Termination of a business: 1. deletion from the Commercial Register preceded by bankruptcy or liquidation 2. the company has a legal successor - the sale, M&A or split-up of the company Accounting: obligatory including the tax return Publicity of company´s data: company´s data including the information about statutory body and shareholders are publicly available in the Commercial Register. The anonymity of the company is not entirely possible, however a significat extent of privacy protection can be achieved by suitable setting of securities. We don´t offer the service of „nominees“ in Czech Republic. Bank account: Czech companies need a bank account in Czech bank, it´s also possible in Slovak bank if the company has at least one Czech or Slovak executive officer. Advantages of Czech jurisdiction minimum contribution into company is 1 Czech crown and the minimum registered capital is also 1 Czech crown no need of tax authority approval for the share transfer simple VAT registration without deposits invoicing to Slovakia and abroad without VAT Czech limited liability companies can emit securities transferable by endorsement a company with only one shareholder can be the sole founder of another company Czech law allows shareholders to unilaterally leave the company Other services: Complex advisory Services of translators Registered seat: Prague 1, Prague 9, Prague 10 Virtual office Trading license Long-term residence for EU citizens Investments advisory Holding structures and connections with other countries Car registration assistance

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